Towards an open IoT cloud platform

Ian Skerrett

Today we announced a collaboration between Bosch, Red Hat and Eurotech to begin the work to create interoperable IoT components for an IoT cloud platform. This is the first step towards creating an open source IoT cloud platform that I hope one day will become the defacto implementation for IoT solutions, similar to Apache http for web applications.

An important part of this announcement is the availability of the Eclipse Kapua code base. This initial contribution is based on code Eurotech has used to run their existing Eurotech Everyware Device Cloud and involves significant involvement from Red Hat to create a  platform for a set of modular services. The next step will be to integrate other Eclipse projects, like Hono or Hawkbit, with Kapua. Longer term I hope to see Eclipse Mosquitto, Eclipse Leshan, Eclipse ACS, etc. become services of an IoT cloud platform.

Ultimately, a successful open IoT cloud platform…

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